¡La Clase de Español!

Make sure to practice Spanish over the summer! Use my website for videos and resources!

Check out the "Lessons & Vocab" pages (according to your student's grade level) to find out what we are learning in class!

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Spanish Schedule

Lunes (Monday)

8:45-9:35 (2nd Grade) Mike Schaefer

9:40-10:30 (2nd Grade) Amanda Turner

11:30-12:20 (1st grade) Tim Rogers

2:15-2:55 (Kinder) Lisa Gingery

martes (Tuesday)

8:45-9:35 (2nd Grade) Jade Pittel  

9:40-10:30 (2nd Grade) Jane LaJohn

11:30-12:20 (1st grade) Ellery Leeds & Jo Bogen

2:15-2:55 (Kinder) Elaine Doyle

miércoles (Wednesday)

8:45-9:35 (2nd Grade) Alia Harland

11:30-12:20 (1st grade) Meredith Huggins

2:15-2:55 (Kinder) Kate Kool

jueves (Thursday)

8:45-9:35 (2nd Grade) Mattie Sheafor

11:30-12:20 (1st grade)  Jen Fischer

2:15-2:55 (Kinder)  Quinn Bonnett

viernes (Friday)

8:45-9:35 (2nd Grade)  Danny Maestas

11:30-12:20 (1st grade) Stephanie Thompson

2:15-2:55 (Kinder) Alex Goe