Mr. Hoffman's PE Class

My Name is Pete Hoffman and I am the Physical Education teacher at Kelly School. I also teach Physical Education at Alta and Moran Elementary Schools. My goal as an elementary physical education teacher is for kids to experience a life full of activity and allow them to participate in activities that don't frighten or intimidate them. My students learn physical activities they can participate in over the course of their lifetimes. They also learn the many cognitive reasons people should be active.  Any comments, suggestions, or questions, please click on the contact me tab on the left and leave me a message.

Physical Education at Kelly School will be every Friday.

8:15-9:10 am- 2nd-3rd Grade

9:15-10:10 am- 4th-5th Grade

10:45-11:30 am- Kindergarten- 1st Grade

Remember to bring your PE shoes on Fridays!


# Tag games (Sportsmanship & Positive Interactions)

# Personal and Social Responsibility (Rules)

# Warm-ups games (Sportsmanship & Positive Interactions)



Soccer (Dribbling)

Fitness test practice and Goal Setting (Test will occur in the Spring)

* Plenty of Physical Activity Unit- 4-5th Grade (Written Assessment)


Plenty of Physical Activity Unit (cont)

* Cup (Speed) Stacking- K-5th Grade (Stacking technique Assessment)

Thanksgiving Games


* Parachute Unit- K-1st Grade (Cooperation and Teamwork Assessment)

* Cup (Speed) Stacking- K-5th Grade (Stacking technique Assessment)Christmas Games

*Combining Locomotor Skills, balance, and body control 

*Pathways (Curvy, straight, zig-zag)


* Basketball Unit K-5th Grade (Dribbling Assessment) (Maintaining Offense and Defense Assessment)

Winter Sports (Cross Country and Downhill Skiing)


Winter Sports (Cross Country and Downhill Skiing)Throwing/Catching Unit (Throwing) 


Juggling Unit


Practice for Fitness Challenge

Jump Rope Unit **


Tumbling Unit (Body Roll) **

Fitness Challenge **



#= 1st Trimester Assessments

*= 2nd Trimester Assessments- The Skill being assessed is in Parentheses

** = 3rd Trimester Assessments