Welcome to Music at Wilson School!

Dearest friends and family of Wilson Elementary,

Welcome back to another year of Wilson Music! Last year ended with a “Boom- Pata- Pata” as we drummed away at the Spring Fling celebration with artist-in-residence Mr. Z and the students here at WES. “Music-ing” into summer vacation in the Tetons inspired me as I had the pleasure of playing as a guest musician and vocalist with many local bands, ranging from the Pinedale “Sound Check “ series and studio recording sessions to opening up at JH Live! Needless to say, the more music we have in our lives, the better we live, and I cannot wait to share and experience music with the students at WES this year. We will continue to drum, sing, and move to music from all over the world. We will also incorporate more music technology and GarageBand into music-making this year.

Music is a tool for creativity, self-expression and cultural awareness. These are amazing reasons music education is so crucial in our shrinking and increasingly globalized world. My goal is to teach your student the tools of musical creativity and cultural mindfulness through music at WES. I invite you to come in anytime throughout the year and see what your student is up to in the music classroom. By keeping the music alive in each other, we are creating a more compassion and understanding community. Thank you endlessly for your support of Wilson Music, and I look forward to another great year!

Best and cheers to a wonderful 2015-16 year! 

Sheena Dhamsania



Contact Information 

Miss Sheena Dhamsania  
email: sdhamsania@tcsd.org  


Class Expectations

Music at Wilson is an interactive, dynamic, and differentiated experience.

Your student can benefit most from music class by coming to class...

- Open-minded/ culturally sensitive (especially to songs in new languages)

- Willing to collaborate with others to create and perform 

- Ready to jump in to the activities and performing that we do

We work on these aspects of music on a daily basis, but it is important to reinforce this thinking to maximize the learning that happens in our classroom!

Class Schedule