Music Teacher: Nancy Brumsted

Nancy A. Brumsted, Teacher

K-2:Students will be learning seasonal songs and stories and songs as we explore ways to create sounds and enhance moments in the music. We will be using echo techniques to imitate rhythms and match pitches as we explore simple notation rhythms, including quarter notes, eighth notes, half notes and whole notes. We will use props while we coordinate movement with music, as well as learning how to play together on the Orff instruments and listen to each other. We will continue to develop music vocabulary and notation recognition through games and activities that provide challenge and fun. As winter approaches our mountain home, we will connect to our surroundings and wildlife by using musical expression.

3-6:   Students are delving deeper into musical understanding by playing recorders and Orff instruments. Recorders will also help us to understand notation and the relationship between written symbols and sounds. We will be using our voices to tell song stories and express emotion and theme. We will also focus on time signatures and effective collaboration as a group so that our sounds can blend and harmonize. Our class will also work on matching pitch as we sing seasonal songs and learn about culture and context of composing. Some composers that will help us understand history will be; Chopin, Schubert, Bach, and Beethoven. We will examine style and our own aesthetic perceptions as we listen for expression in their compositions.


What we do in music classes...

We sing!                                   We play instruments!                                     We move and dance!

We perform for each other                    We create our own music                We put music into stories

                     We learn how to read music                       We play musical games

We learn about composers                 We learn about different musical styles

                  We learn how to keep a beat!                                 We learn how to be good listeners