Our School Nurse  -  Annette Eastman

Nurse Eastman's News

Hi! I'm Annette Eastman, the school nurse at JHHS, SHS, WES, and AES.  I've been a TCSD nurse for 10 years and in the previous 30 years, I worked in various emergency departments throughout the Rocky Mt. states. In addition to taking care of the students when they're hurt or ill, I teach health lessons to all the grades - the kids love learning about their bodies! 

Winter is cold and flu season. Flu shots are still available at your health care provider's office or the public health department. 

In an effort to keep our students healthy, we ask that you keep your child home when he or she is ill. If your child has the following symptoms, he/she should not be in school:

Fever over 100 degrees

Persistent cough

Vomiting or diarrhea

Any infected drainage or body fluids

"Pink eye" symptoms - irritated, itchy eye, tearing, white part of eye looks pink or red

We appreciate your help in keeping our students healthy!  



Good Health Websites

http://kidshealth.org/kid/ - good health information for kids and parents. Fun games, activities, videos