Mrs. Wood's readers and writers can expect...

"Read every chance you get!" 20 minutes of reading outside of school every day and 10 minutes of thinking and writing about your reading.

Be a "Word Detective," constantly searching for meaning and gathering and using new words in your daily life.

Word Work (spelling) is weekly: Mondays are lessons and Fridays are quizzes with new words to suit each sort due on Thursdays.

Readers write responses for each book of 100+ pages they read: a response is a 5-paragraph reflection of the text in which the first paragraph introduces the text, author, setting and theme and the student takes a stance on the theme. The body and concluding paragraphs follow the "Who wants what? But... So... Then..." format with evidence to support their interpretations. Responses are scored on a 4-pt. rubric for interpretation, evidence, organization and mechanics.

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