Physical Education at Wilson Elementary School

Mrs. Hunt

My Promise: Upon graduating from Wilson Elementary School you will have the foundation for leading an active life.  You will have the basic skills to play many fun sports and games, you will understand the value of activity for your health and will recognize the benefits of good sportsmanship along with acceptance of others.  I will treat each of you fairly and respectfully just as I expect you to treat each other and me.

You will be challenged and expected to give your best effort! 


Our Mission in Physical Education at Wilson Elementary School is to: learn how to be athletic, get fit and strong and cooperate together so we can live healthy active lives and ski when we are 80!! 


Please learn your P.E. days and remember your shoes!!!

:Wilson Elementary

Physcial Education Activity Curriculum

September: Play cooperative, team building activities along with games to play on the playground.  Teach stretching and fitness routines!! Learn and practice procedures and expectstions in the gym. 

October:  Soccer skills, technique and lead-up games. Dribbling, shooting and passing activities.

November: Racket skills and activities for K-3rd graders and Flag Football for 4th and 5th.  Ftiness concepts, Fitnessgram baseline, locomotor practice and understanding why its improtant to be fit?

December: Basketball skills, technique and lead-up games.  Ball handling, shooting. Teamwork and cooperative  games.

January: 2nd-5th graders rollerblade in the gym, balance and use of safety equipment.  K and 1st scooter activities, learning to read signs and the rules of the road and parachute teamwork games.

February:  K-3rd grade Bowling and Rolling to targets! 4th and 5th Floor hockey.  

March: Volleyball, volleying a ball or balloon, serving, positioning, rules of the game and ready stance! Students play toss-pass-catch.  Tumbling and introduction to Lacrosse.

April: Jump Rope, Fitness Challenge practice.  3rd - 5th-grade goal setting for the Fitness Gram.

May: K-2nd Kickball, 3rd-5th Kickball, Softball and Fitness Gram challenges.

June: Field Day games practice.

Extra PE Programs by month:

September: After School Action, Wilson Walkers and Joggers and iwalk/ibike/ibus to school

October: After School Action, Wilson Wlakers and Joggers/ The Pumpkin Run, Swimming (1st and 3rd grade), Tennis (2nd and 4th grade)

November: After School Action

December: After School Action

January: After School Action, Winter Sports

February: After School Action, Winter Sports

March: After School Action, 5th grade vs the Teachers volleyball game

April: After School Action, Jump Rope for Heart

May: After School Action, Fitness Club, ACES (All Children Excercising Simultaneously), Wilson Walkers and Joggers, Fitness Assessments and the Mile Run

June: After School Action, iwalk/ibike/ibus to school and Bike Rodeo (3rd-5th grade), Field Day