Activities Department 

Activities Director

Visit the Jackson Hole High School page for information about Broncs activities and athletics information, or contact: Mike Hansen, JHHS Activities Director

(307) 732-3705

Visit the Jackson Hole Middle School page for information about Colts activities and athletics information, or contact:

Mike Hansen, JHMS Activities Director

(307) 732-3705


Cyndi Sutton, Activities Coordinator

(307) 732-3704

Mountain Weather Lightning Tracker
Please open the link, Mountain Weather Lighting Tracker, to find up-to-date information about Lightning and Storms in the area.

Activity Bus Information

The Activity Bus Line is provided by the Transportation Department as a means to communicate the return time for out-of-town bus trips to parents and others.  When the bus starts home from the event, the bus driver calls in and records the return information.  On longer trips, the driver may update the message when the bus is two to three hours away.  Each group has an assigned mailbox that may be accessed by calling 307-739-9226.  Click here for a listing of activity mailboxes by school.