Project History Overview


Over the course of the year, district staff met with various land owners to identify sites that would meet the state requirements for an elementary school.  Staff went so far as placing advertisements in the Jackson Hole News and Guide requesting that land owners interested in selling a multi-acre parcel contact the district.

In October and November of 2015 the State contracted with MOA Architecture to conduct a Most Cost Effective Remedy Study as a precursor to any land purchase.  The results of the study were presented to the public and the Board of Trustees in November.  

In December the Board of Trustees and the State of Wyoming agreed to purchase a 20 acre parcel in the "Hog Island" area, immediately south of the Wyoming Department of Transportation facility as the location for the new elementary school.


After spending two years looking for possible sites for a new school that met State of Wyoming requirements, several sites were identified.  At their annual Joint Information Meeting with the Town Council and Board of County Commissioners, the boards agreed that it was appropriate to construct a school in the southern portion of south park as there were several hundred students in that area of the county that are transported to schools located within town limits (Davey Jackson Elementary and John Colter Elementary schools).


The Board of Trustees identified the need for a new elementary school in 2011. There were extensive efforts to identify appropriate locations and parcels of land.  In June the Trustees met with Town Council and Board of County Commissioners to discuss options and issues with selecting a parcel for a new school. 


The following provides an overview of recent presentations, materials and Board of Trustee discussions and decisions.

Board of Trustees Approve Initial Elementary School Sketch Plan, Kick off Naming Contest

On Wednesday, April 28th the Board of Trustees held a public workshop to review the sketch plan of the new elementary school.  A video recording of the workshop is available here.

The workshop was followed by the Board's regular monthly meeting where they approved the sketch plan, providing direction for the design team so they can stay on schedule to achieve 10% design completion by May 20th.  View Sketch Plan Here.

Also during the regular meeting a new school naming contest was presented.  The District is inviting students, parents, district staff and the community to help the board to identify a name for the new school. A form is available here and may be completed and submitted electronically.  Forms will also be shared with students and may be returned to any TCSD school by Monday, May 16th.  The Board will announce the name of the new school at their meeting on June 8th.

A video recording of the meeting is available for viewing:

Part 1 (Represents the first 1.5 hours of the Board Meeting)

Part 2 (Represents the remainder of the Board Meeting)

Board of Trustees Consider Elementary School Reconfiguration Timeline and School Attendance Areas Policy 

During their regular meeting on Wednesday, February 10th the Board of Trustees considered the timing of reconfiguring all elementary schools, except Alta Elementary, to a kindergarten through 5th grade model.  The board ultimately voted to continue this discussion to their March 9th meeting, after having two split votes.  

Trustee Mead also presented a draft revision to Board Policy JC, School Attendance Areas for the board's review.  The board may consider the policy for first reading at their March 9th meeting. They would then consider the policy for a second reading at a meeting a minimum of 45 days after the first reading.  A video recording of the workshop is provided below.  

Note: The video is presented in three parts.  

Part I represents agenda items:

A. Call to order

B. Reconvene Meeting

C. Superintendent's Report

D. Communications Report

E. Reports and Items for Discussion 

E1. Student School Board Member Report

Part II represents agenda items:

E.2-5. Committee Reports including two policy items- Policy DK- payment procedures and Policy JC- School Attendance Areas

F. Action Items 

F1. Approval of Payment Procedures on First Reading

F2. Approval of Reimbursement for Private Transportation or Maintenance of Isolated Pupils

F3. Approval of Calendars 2016-2018

F4. Approval of Enhancements for NEw Elementary Schools 

Part III represents agenda items:

F. Action Items

F5. Approval of Timeline to Reconfigure Davey Jackson Elementary and Colter Elementary Schools

F6-11. Approval of Submittal of Recreation District Grant Applications 

View the meeting agenda and accompanying materials on Board Docs. 

Board of Trustees hold 5th Capacity Remedy and School Configuration Public Workshop.

On Wednesday, January 27th the Board of Trustees held a public workshop to discuss the timeline to transition to Kindergarten-5th grade at Jackson Elementary and Colter Elementary schools and school attendance areas.   The workshop included a presentation of the options for both decisions and public input.  The Board may consider these decisions at their February 10th meeting or at their March 9th meeting.

A video recording of the workshop is provided here:January 27th Workshop Video.

Public Workshop Board of Trustees Take Action on Capacity Remedy Recommendation, School Grade Level Configuration and Dual Immersion Program Configruation. 

On Wednesday evening, during their Regular Meeting the Board of Trustees voted on three important issues regarding the future of our elementary schools.

Based on tonight’s action, the Board will present in March its preferred capacity remedy to the State Schools Facilities Commission that a second new elementary school be constructed to address the projected student growth.  We will have the opportunity to evaluate those projections next October, after the start of the 2016-2017 school year.  If school enrollment lags behind the projections, we will work with the School Facilities Department to re-evaluate our facility needs.

The decision was also made to transition all district elementary schools to a kindergarten through fifth grade model brings all elementary schools into the same grade level configuration.  The exception to this model is Alta Elementary School, which will continue to follow a kindergarten through sixth grade model.  

The last action item was the decision to expand the dual immersion program within community schools. This decision allows elementary schools to serve students based on the neighborhood in which they live, rather than based on a specific educational approach or philosophy while exploring opportunities to expand the dual immersion program in the coming years.  

Board Chairwoman Patricia Russell stated “Tonight's decisions were complex ones.  It is my  hope that we continue to explore options that meet the needs of all students, districtwide.”.  

With these decisions behind them, the Board will next discuss school attendance areas, or creating boundaries that will determine where students attend elementary school based on where they live as well as timing for making these transitions- either the fall of 2016 for the 2016-17 school year, the 2017-18 school year or waiting until the new school opens for the 2018-19 school year. These discussions will begin at a workshop on January 27th, 6:00p.m..  The public is invited and encouraged to participate in that discussion.  

Video recordings of the Board of Trustees Meeting

Click here to watch Part 1 of the meeting agenda, through the first two action items which included action item #1, Approval of the Capacity Remedy and action item #2, Approval of Grade Level Configuration.

Click here to watch Part 2 of the meeting starting at action item #3, Approval of the Dual Immersion Configuration.

Public Workshop #4 - Capacity Study Results and District Reconfiguration

Workshop on Monday, January 11th 6:00 PM
Click here to watch a video recording of the workshop presentation.  

Click here to watch a video recording of the public comment section of the workshop. 

TCSD #1 Board Room 1235 Gregory Lane.  The workshop will provide an overview of the three issues  before the Board of Trustees which include the preferred option for addressing our capacity issues; configuration of the dual immersion program: and new school configuration.  The public is invited and encouraged to attend to provide comment to the Board prior to the January 13th meeting when the Board is expected to vote on these issues.

Public Workshop #3 - Capacity Study Results and District Reconfiguration

The Board of Trustees is holding a Public Workshop on January 11th at 6:00pm to get public input on two issues:

1. Grade level configuration of our elementary schools to either kindergarten through fifth grade or kindergarden through sixth grade.  

2. Configuration of our dual immersion program and whether or not the program is offered through a whole school model or if the program should be offered in a strands model at both Colter and Jackson Elementary Schools.

To learn more about these issues we strongly encourage you to watch the following 11 minute video by TCSD Superintendent Gillian Chapman, EdD. The video includes additional information and explanations of the issues being considered as part of these important questions.

Click here to watch the informative capacity & configuration video.  
Click here to view Dual Strand - Whole School Comparison Info (English) 
Click here to view Dual Strand - Whole School Comparison Info (Spanish) 

Click here to take the capacity & configuration SURVEY.

The board will be voting on these two issues during their meeting on Wednesday, January 13th starting at 6:00pm.

Public Workshop #2 - Capacity Study Results and District Reconfiguration

View Workshop Video

Workshop on District Reconfiguration (Presented by Brad Barker, COO)  

Public Workshop #1 - Trustees to Hold Public Workshop Regarding Capacity Study and District Reconfiguration

Monday, November 30, 2015

The Teton County School District Board of Trustees will hold a public workshop tomorrow (Tuesday, December 1st at the Administration Building on Gregory Lane) to discuss the three school facility options presented by MOA Architecture to address current overcrowding in our elementary schools, as well as to plan for anticipated growth over the next
10 years.  

As part of the discussions about school facilities and best practices for student learning, the Trustees will also be discussing grade level configuration, the dual immersion program, and school attendance areas.  The community is invited and encouraged to attend this workshop to learn more about the factors and issues that will inform the Board's decisions.

The Board is expected to take action on these issues at their regular meeting in January (anticipated to be January 13th at 6pm).

Trustees Received Results of Capacity Study

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

On Monday, November 2nd the Board of Trustees, administrators, teachers and members of the community participated in a presentation of the results of a state funded capacity study.

The study highlighted the current capacity conditions in our schools, specifically at Jackson Elementary and Colter Elementary schools. In addition to looking at our current capacity, the study used enrollment data from the past 10 years to forecast future growth of student populations, in accordance with State guidelines.

The capacity study finds that we will need approximately 900 elementary school seats by 2025. This number includes the 400 students currently accommodated in temporary modular buildings at Jackson Elementary and Colter Elementary.

As a result of these findings MOA Architecture presented three options to accomodate our students over the next 10 years. The three options include:

Option C: Building two new elementary schools

Option D: Building one new elementary school and doing additions to Colter Elementary and Wilson Elementary Schools

Option H: Building one new elementary school and doing additions to Wilson Elementary and the Jackson Hole Middle School.

Each of these three options includes a discussion regarding possible grade level reconfiguration with elementary schools becoming Kindergarten - fifth grade or Kindergarten- sixth grade schools.  These discussions are important ones and the community is encouraged to learn the factors that are being weighed as part of this decision making process, recognizing that our primary goal is to provide current and future TCSD students the best possible learning environment.  

The presentation is available here: Capacity Study Presentation

The presentation is very detailed and may be confusing, so people with questions may contact:Charlotte Reynolds at 307.732.9409.