Welcome to College & Career Ready

Purpose:  As a result of participating inthe College & Career Ready program at JHHS, students develop personal and social skills needed for success in high school and beyond including: goal setting and follow through, time management, study skills, creating and maintaining positive relationships, communication, recognizing and managing emotions, and decision making.

By the end of each grade, students will be able to:


  • identify the purpose of Naviance and begin to use it for high school and postsecondary planning

  • develop a 4-year academic plan for high school

  • explain how individual and group differences can complement each other both inside and outside of the classroom

  • adjust to increased academic demand monitored


  • identify career interests and use Naviance to investigate the world of work

  • identify and learn to manage emotions, recognize strengths, and set and revise monthly goals

  • review and revise their 4-year plan


  • practice for the ACT

  • develop an awareness of a variety of careers that match their interests and strengths

  • build a list of colleges on Naviance, and develop a strategy for their college application process

  • gain academic support that will benefit students now, in college, and in their career

  • see the 11th grade CCR course outline here


  • use Naviance to update or create a resume, and complete at least one application for postsecondary training or education

  • Students can identify different styles of conflict, apply problem solving strategies, effectively communicate with others, make responsible decisions

  • Students can review and revise their 4-year plan and create a postsecondary plan

  • see the 12th grade CCR course outline here


Goal 1:

Acquire attitudes knowledge and skills that contribute to effective learning in school and across the lifespan.

Goal 2:  

Complete school with the academic preparation to choose from a wide range of substantial postsecondary options including college.

Goal 3:

Understand relationship between personal qualities, education, training, and the world of work.

Goal 4:

Acquire knowledge attitudes and personal skills to help them understand and respect self and others.

Goal 5:

Make decisions, set goals, and take the necessary action to achieve goals.

Goal 6:

Acquire skills to investigate world of work in relation to knowledge of self and to make informed career decisions.

Goal 7:

Employ strategies to achieve future career success and satisfaction.

Goal 8:

Each student establishes and maintains healthy and rewarding connections with College & Career Ready teacher