About Jackson Elementary School

Purpose Statement
"Every Student, Every Chance, Every Day"

At Jackson Elementary School, our purpose is to ensure every student's growth academically, emotionally, physically, linguistically and socially as students begin their educational journey in the community of Jackson. 

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Jackson Elementary School Song
Written in 1989
(Tune: The Casons Go Marching Along)

We are proud of our school,
And we’re learning all the rules,
To keep growing and making our way.

We feel good, we’re first rate,
Jackson Elementary’s great,
And we’re happy that this is our school. 

It’s in our reach,
Success the teacher’s teach,
We’ll do our best, you will see!

‘Cause we all know,
The only way to go,
Is to be the best you can be!
Is to be the best you can be!

Cheer   …Be Safe
                 …Be Respectful
                            …Be Responsible YEA!!!!

Jackson Elementary is the first Gold LEED certified elementary school.

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Why is our red school green?

¿Porqué nuestra escuela roja es verde?