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TCSD #1 Students Shine at Statewide National History Day Competition
Friday, April 14th, 2017

After hosting the Region Seven Regional National History Day Competition in March, TCSD #1 students participated in the statewide competition at the University of Wyoming on April 10th. In total, 10 middle school students and 13 high school students earned places in the national competition at the University of Maryland in June. 2017

State Competitors from Jackson Hole Middle School Junior

Individual Exhibits 2nd Place Daniela Garcia: "The Undercover Hero: Rose Valland's Journey to Saving Stolen Art"

Junior Individual Performance 2nd place Ruby Erskine: "Sally Ride Science: Standing Up for Girls in STEAM"

Junior Individual Website 2nd Place MaryGrace Beastrom: "OSHA: Taking a Stand to Save American Workers"

Junior Group Exhibits 1st Place Madeline Webb, Tilli Rossetti and Olivia Roberts: "Alice Paul: Taking a Stand for Women's Rights"

2nd Place Annika Peacock and Skye Eddy: "Operation Vittles: Standing Up to Stop The Spread of Communism"

Junior Group Website 2nd Place Colter Dawson & Jack Brown: "Andrew van der Bijl: Standing Up Against Communism to Preserve Christianity"

Special Awards

The Wyoming State Museum Volunteers Awards (outstanding junior exhibit). Annika Peacock and Skye Eddy: "Operation Vittles: Standing Up to Stop the Spread of Communism"

The American Heritage Center Primary Sources Award is for outstanding use of primary sources in an entry. Kristina Macleod: "Sophie Scholl and the White Rose: Taking a Stand for Germany" (Junior Individual Exhibit)

The Florence Sommers Jensen History Award recognizes an outstanding entry on the subject of Wyoming women, homesteading, ranching, or schools. Martha Olson: "Barbra "Happy" Weston - A Supporter for Disabled Rights in Wyoming" (Junior Paper)

Colonial Dames Heritage Awards: This award is sponsored by the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America and goes to the best entry on family history. Kristina Macleod: "Sophie Scholl and the White Rose: Taking a Stand for Germany" (Junior Individual Exhibit)

2017 State Competitors from Jackson Hole High School

Senior Individual Documentary State Champion: River Gayton--"Race, Religion, and College Football: The Black 14 Taking a Stand For Change in the Equality State" **Also a cash award for the best project on Wyoming History Senior Group

Documentary State Champion: Maya Wheeler/Sophie Delahaye--"Standing with Weapons adn Standing with Words: Chief Red Cloud's Stand to Save his Land and People Before and After the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868"

Senior Individual Performance State Champion: Gabe Lewis--"Edward Cope and Othaniel Marsh: Taking a Stand for Themselves in the Bone Wars"

Senior Group Performance 2nd Place: Emily Ransom/Shannon Greene--"Taking a Stand for their Town: The Petticoat Government of Jackson Hole"

Senior Individual Exhibit State Champion: Aspen Waldron--"E.T. Payton's Good Work: Standing Against Abuse and for New Treatments in the Wyoming State Hospital"

2nd Place: Lyla Kirkpatrick--"God Hates Angels? Unity through the Angel Action in the Face of the Westboro Baptist Church Protests"

Senior Group Exhibit 2nd Place: Reisha Foertsch/Samantha Schmidt--"The Congressional Testimony of Mardy Murie: Taking a Stand for the Alaskan Wilderness and its Alliance to the Power of Place"

Senior Individual Website 2nd Place: Steven Ashurst--"Jackson Hole National Monument: Taking a Stand for Local Control"

Senior Group Website State Champion: Megan Dufault/Quinn Ellingson--"The Laramie Project: Using the Power of Theater to Take a Stand Against Gay Hate Crimes and the Westboro Baptist Church"

Special Awards Jose Carmona-Sanchez/Robert Logan received a cash award for the best project related to Native American issues with their group website, "The Bozeman Trail: A Trail Fueled by Greed"

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