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JHMS American Dream Project Partners with pARTners
Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

Jackson Hole Middle School recently worked with the community organization, pARTners and Azadi Rugs to provide an arts-based project to help students explore how the American Dream can become more accessible to all citizens.

During the unit and through this project, students explored diversity, discrimination, and  the American Dream. Sixth grade teacher, Michelle Rooks stated, "This project allowed students to critically analyze the concept of the American Dream and the issues that prevent some members of our society from accessing the opportunities and ideals we hold as a country." Students are currently writing articles that explore an issue related to overcoming discrimination. These articles will be published in conjunction with their pARTners posters.

Students self-selected the top 10 posters which were shared with Azadi Rugs who will select the best one to turned into a rug, which will serve as a more tangible reminder to create an inclusive future for everyone.

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