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TCSD receives PAWS results
Monday, July 18th, 2016

On Thursday, July 14th the Wyoming Department of Education released the results of the Proficiency Assessment for Wyoming Students (PAWS) data. While it is our goal that every Teton County School District student achieves at their highest ability, our data show that we have made some significant gains in a year where we had major changes in the curricula.

It is important to recognize that PAWS assessments are one data point that help the district determine how our students compare to the rest of the state. Over the next few weeks our staff will carefully analyze the data. This data, combined with a variety of data points including DIBELS, MAP, common assessments and observations to inform any instructional and curricular changes.  

· Science had excellent gains and are significantly higher than the state.

· TCSD scored higher than the state in all grades and subject areas, with the exception of 3rd grade math (slightly lower), 5th grade math, 3rd grade reading (slightly).

· Curricula changes in the 15-16 school year and implementation of district developed common assessments are in alignment with the state standards and PAWS assessments.

· TCSD has more students whom are language learners than the rest of the state. Our dual immersion program and our supports we provide in ELL are having a positive impact on student performance.

· The data will be disaggregated in each building and for each classroom. This will continue to guide staff in making instructional decisions that best meet the individual needs of students.

· In reviewing data, it is important to remember to look at individual student data to drive instruction.

· When looking at the percent of students below basic, if there are 200 students tested in the grade level and there are 10% of the students below basic, we are talking about 20 students. Identification of these students and the specific areas in which they are struggling helps the staff determine what interventions and supports are needed for each individual. This becomes more manageable with the specific data and after an analysis in the schools.

· Overall, the district is moving in the right direction and the analysis will help guide our work this school year.

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