Week 9: Spring Cleaning
Monday, June 16th, 2014

We all put it off, but it has to be done - spring cleaning.
Activities such as cleaning your work space, vacuuming, mopping, or carrying laundry all burn calories and can be logged as exercise.

Crank up the music and start scrubbing!

Don't forget to log the time that you spend cleaning  and feel free to backlog entries (to 4/21/14), too.

For more information visit the Wellness Portal ; click on the homepage Week 9 sliding banner or the Week 9 tab under Spring into Fitness.

Competition Updates (as of Monday 6/16):  Spring into Fitness

TSS - 5,640 points

TCSD - 4,529 points

SJMC -   4,360 points

Fitbit Competition

TSS - 8,733 points

TCSD - 7,234 points

SJMC - 6,143 points

Last week's winner (from those who logged activities):  Katie Long from SJMC wins a $25 gift certificate to Whole Grocer!

Next week: Try Something New!

Questions? Stop by the St. John's Wellness Department or contact Julia -, (307)739-7244, Rachel -, (307)739-7466 or Sara -, (307) 739-7242.

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