Week 8: Friends, Family & Pets
Monday, June 9th, 2014

This week is about spending quality time outdoors with a buddy.
Grab a friend, family member, or pet, move your bodies, and catch up in the fresh air.
Don't forget to log the time that you spend exercising with friends!

Events this week:

No scheduled events. However for participants who don't own a pet but are looking for a buddy to spend time with, visit the Animal Adoption Center or Town Shelter to get your fuzzy friend fix. Tell them you're with SJMC Wellness and they will book you for a dog walk or play session with a homeless pet!

Animal Adoption Center

Town/County Shelter

For more information visit the Wellness Portal ; click on the homepage Week 8 sliding banner or the Week 8tab under Spring into Fitness

Competition Updates (as of Friday, 6/6):
Spring into Fitness

TSS - 4,666 points

TCSD - 3,746 points

SJMC - 3,641 points

Fitbit Competition

TSS - 6,918 points

TCSD - 5,891 points

SJMC - 5,140 points

Last week's winner (from those who logged activities): Kathy Perkes from the Teton Science Schools wins a pass for two classes at Revolution Indoor Cycles!

Next week: Spring Cleaning

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