Practice Less Stress...One week 'til Thanksgiving
Friday, November 22nd, 2013

One more week until Thanksgiving which means...

One more week to get thirty stress reduction activities logged on the wellness portal in time to earn $50!

  Please remember: Practice Less Stress started on October 15, so you can retroactively log anything you have done to reduce your stress since that date. Exercise, breathing, meditation, yoga and sleep all count - plus "speaking your truth" and "your choice".  Not a fan of computers/hate to log?  Contact Julia or Rachel (details below) to come up with a plan for you.

 Congratulations to the  150+ school district employees who have already logged an extremely impressive 2,566 stress reduction activities on the wellness portal! If you want details about how these activities are affecting stress levels for these employees, check out the graph below. 

 What happens after Thanksgiving?  Practice Less Stress continues until Christmas.   For those who haven't logged the full 30 activities by Thanksgiving, you have until Christmas to do this.  If you log 30 activities by Christmas you can earn $20. Please keep in mind that if you earn the $50, you are not eligible for the additional $20. 

Also, congratulations to Margaret (Peggy) Gagnon of the High School/Summit for being the weekly winner from those who logged stress reduction activities this week.  Peggy wins a $25 gift certificate towards a massage at the Harmonic Spa. 

 Questions? Contact Julia (, 739-7244) or Rachel (, 739-7466).

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