Update on the Rural Area LDRs
Friday, November 22nd, 2013

What's Happening? The County is updating the zoning, incentives, and exemptions that apply to rural areas and rural subdivisions in the community. Currently, Staff is digesting the comments, questions, and information gathered during August and September and drafting new regulations.


Why? The Comprehensive Plan adopted in May 2012 calls for directing development potential out of rural areas and increased preservation and conservation of wildlife habitat, habitat connections, scenic vistas and open space. The Plan also calls for increased predictability, and zoning for what we want in the future. The current regulations need to be improved to achieve those goals.


What's Next? In late January the County will release a draft of the new LDRs for the rural areas of the community. The release will be followed by a series of presentations and open houses around the community to review the draft. Following the public comment period, the County Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners will begin formal hearings to consider adoption of the draft. This review will be in sync with the reformatting of the entire LDRs to make them easier to use and the Town's consideration of new regulations for the downtown.


How to Participate?

· If you didn't make it to the workshops or website in August and September, check out the rural area concepts at You can learn about each of the concepts, compare them to current regulations, and evaluate them against the Comprehensive Plan. If you have questions or comments direct them to Alex Norton at

· If you want to discuss the concepts with staff and other community members and see how they are developing into draft regulations, come to an open house:

o Wednesday, December 4 | 11am-1pm | County Commissioners Chambers

o Wednesday, December 4 | 4pm-7pm | Alta Elementary School

o Thursday, December 5 | 4pm-7pm | Rafter J Children's Center

o Friday, December 6 | 11am-1pm | County Commissioners Chambers

o Friday, December 6 | 4pm-7pm | Wilson Community Center (Old Schoolhouse)

o Saturday, December 7 | 9am-12am | Four Pines Room, Teton Mountain Lodge, Teton Village

· If you want to hear the Board of County Commissioners discuss the concepts, come to their workshop Monday, December 9, 2013 at 1:30 pm in the County Commissioners Chambers

· Any comments you want considered in the draft LDRs need to be received by 12/31/13.

· Please visit at any time to check in on the process and see the latest materials.


Contact Charlotte Reynolds at to be removed from this distribution list.


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