FREE Yoga for Staff
Friday, November 15th, 2013
As of November 11, St. John's Medical Center's Wellness Department will be paying yoga instructors to provide two free yoga classes to District employees every week. A schedule for these classes is attached - watch for future monthly schedules distributed via email. As many of you know, these two yoga classes have already been operating for a while, but SJMC Wellness wanted to market these classes to a wider audience and reimburse these instructors for their time.

In addition, dependent on attendance and interest, we will expand the yoga class offerings in the New Year. We're leaning towards offering a Baggy Pants Yoga class - a beginner yoga class with a dress code (baggy clothes only, please). Baggy Pants Yoga is designed for those who may not have ever been "on the mat" and will instruct yoga fundamentals. Tough time touching your toes or knees? This class will be perfect for you!

If you would be interested in attending a Baggy Pants Yoga class, please email Julia at or Rachel at If enough school district employees sign up, we will be certain to offer this in January 2014.

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