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Principal's Newsletter 11.4.13
Monday, November 4th, 2013
Dear Parents,

It’s hard to believe our first grading period is over, and it is conference week. Thank you for making it a priority to attend your child’s conference this week. A strong home-school partnership is crucial to a student’s success in school.

Also, don’t forget, there is no school for students or teachers on Friday, November 8!

Have a wonderful week,

November Home-School Connection is attached
This month’s newsletter is packed with great information and ideas! First, it includes the ABCs of parent-teacher conferences – some great suggestions for making the most out of your conference this week. It also has an article about how to get your child to think more critically. This is timely as the literacy professional development your child’s teacher participated in last month focused on critical thinking as well. We looked at how to improve critical thinking in our literacy blocks, including students’ responses to literature, effective questioning, and quality feedback to students.

Parent Outreach Event – Everyday Math
TCSD Math coach Kathy Milburn will be at Wilson School on November 19th at 5:00 p.m., to talk about Everyday Mathematics and give suggestions for how you can help your child with math at home. Come with your questions and get ready forge a strong home-school connection in math.

Arch Coal Teacher Achievement Award
You are invited to nominate a teacher who has truly made a difference in your child’s life! Nominations are open through January 6, 2014; go to

Attached to this newsletter:
November Home-School Connection

Upcoming Dates/Activities:
Fri., Nov. 8 No school for students or teachers
Nov. 27-29 Enjoy your Thanksgiving break!

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