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Principal's Newsletter 10.7.13
Monday, October 7th, 2013
October 7, 2013

Dear Moran School Families,
I hope you all enjoyed a fantastic autumn weekend!
Have a great day,

October in Wyoming = SNOW
We are off to a very snowy fall! Please remember that anytime snow is on the ground, all students are required to wear the BIG 5: coat, snow pants, hat (not just a hood), gloves, and winter boots. Keep an eye on the forecast and plan appropriately, as sometimes snow falls during the school day.

Moran Fall Festival
Many thanks to you all for supporting our fall festival as you ask local businesses to donate to our silent auction. The fall festival is Moran School’s strongest tradition and involves so many school and community members. In the past, funds raised at the festival have supported technology, field trips, ski and swim programs, and materials for the classroom such as books. Looking forward to seeing you at the festival in a few weeks!

October Home-School Connection
This month’s issue is attached. There is an interesting article on the first page about gradually releasing student responsibility for behavior over to them. This is consistent with how we support students both academically and behaviorally. We start with modeling and teaching the desired skill (addition, a painting technique, problem solving), give student structured practice, and eventually set them free to do the skill independently.

Swimming Program
Later this month, students will have the opportunity to develop the life-long skill of swimming by participating in lessons at the Jackson/Teton Co. Recreation Center. Proceeds from the Moran Fall Festival enable the students to participate in the lessons at no cost to families. More information will come from Caroline and Niki about how to send your child to school prepared for lessons.

Attached flyers:
Home-School Connection newsletter
Getting for Kindergarten (2014, that is) workshop
4-H flyer

Upcoming Dates/Activities:
Mon., Oct. 14 Teacher in-service day – no school for students
Oct. 15 or 16 Moran teachers attend a one-day literacy professional development “studio”
Oct. 25-31, Nov. 1 Swim program at Teton Co. Rec Center
Sat., Oct. 26 Moran Fall Festival
Mon., Oct. 28 Teacher in-service day – no school for students

Tracy Poduska
Principal, Moran School
733.3077 or 543.2438,

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