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Alta School Newsletter, October 2016
Monday, October 3rd, 2016
Thank you for a wonderful start to our new school year! We had over 75% attendance at the back to school night and a well attended first PTO meeting. Alta CARES supports are in full swing in all classrooms and your children are rising to the high expectations we have at school each day!

Principal News

On the logistical front, we will be taking the lost and found to See and Save at the end of each month. Please be sure to check the lost and found this week. We will have composting lessons this month and expect to see our new composting system later this month or early November. I've attached a flyer to contribute directly to the Green Day of Service project.

Our PTO has a wonderful FALL FESTIVAL planned for October 14th, from
5-Bpm. Please plan on coming and inviting your friends and neighbors to join us for a pumpkin sale, wreath sale, s’mores, games, chili cook off and raffle. I am very much looking forward to this fundraiser and gathering of our community!

We will not host a CREST day as we did not have enough children sign up. The next day will be in January 27. During these days kids will participate in a rotation of activities including time outside, in the makerspace and an art/music activity. We will offer another sign up in January.
Looks like we are in boots weather a little early this year! Please send your child with boots and a change of shoes. As the temperature continues to drop please send snow pants, coat, hat, gloves and boots.

The PTO needs more volunteers! This is a wonderful organization that really helps make Alta great! The PTO funds scholarships, gardening, Missoula Children's theater, classroom parties to list only a few! Please plan on volunteering for an event.

Upcoming Dates

October 6 Gardening Day - volunteers welcome throughout the day
October 14 CREST Day -CANCELED October 14 Fall Festival 5-Bpm October 28 No School for students
October 31 Halloween- Community Service: making popcorn balls for community- please come in and join the fun
November 10 Veteran's Day Celebration 11am & stay for our Community Thanksgiving lunch following the celebration

This month in Computer we are turning our attention to digital citizenship. Younger students will be learning about ways to stay safe online, and older kids will be learning about using online tools ethically and wisely. For more tips on digital citizenship and parenting in the digital age, visit

This year we have changed Library day to Wednesday. This gives us more opportunity to delve into literacy and the love of books as well as collaboration with the Alta library. Please note that if your child wants to check out a book during our visit, on October 26, there they will need their own library card. The school will not be able to check out books for them. We are also having a reading challenge with the upper classes 4-6. As students finish a chapter book they will give me a brief description of the book the place a little owl with their name and book title on it on my reading tree. We will tally the number of books read total and celebrate the top readers in each class. This is meant to be a fun and positive challenge to encourage our children to read.

Grades K-3 are focusing on circle songs and echo responses this month, while we learn basic rhythms and melodies. We use our ears and eyes as we work
Together and learn to cooperate with our sounds. We are focusing on the words OCTAVE, SCALE and NOTE as we use boom whackers and xylophones to involve many of our senses. We are also learning the choreography and songs for “Better When I’m Dancing,” from the Peanuts Movie, and “Everything is Awesome,”
From the Lego Movie.

Grades 4-6 are focusing on moving to the beat this month as we learn about the Pentatonix and their song, “SING.” We are doing choreography and learning to sing and move at the same time! We will analyze John Williams’ “Star Wars” themes through listening map activities. We are learning songs like “The Swiss Hiking Song,” and “The Happy Wanderer.” We will be comparing and contrasting music using Venn diagrams.

During the month of October, the students at Alta Elementary will finish up their biking unit with friends of pathways. They will also continue to work on their throwing and catching skills while learning the rules and responsibilities of Hula Hut Throw Down. Lastly, the students will be reintroduced to the five fitness concepts, specifically understanding cardiovascular endurance as well as identifying activities that can improve their own cardiovascular endurance.

There will be only one art class this month :( As a consolation prize, your child's art will be on display at the Teton County Library in Jackson this month.

I hope you were all able to see the letter from Back to School Night about Spanish class this year. Our goal of speaking in Spanish 100% of the time is going well! I am happy to provide the link to the vocabulary that has been generated for each class during September. This week and next week the students will be participating in "English Week" where we will discuss language acquisition, the grading system, and we'll brainstorm ideas on how to be excellent language learners. These will be the only days of English all year.

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