Munger Mountain Elementary School Project Timeline

Important Upcoming Project Dates


  • February- Pending Construction Funding from the State of Wyoming
  • March 9th, Break Ground
  • July 2018 Substantial completion
  • Fall 2018 Munger Mountain Elementary School Opens
  • February- Bid Package II opening 
  • January-  County Permitting Process underway and 100% Stamped drawings issued


  • November – Design Complete *List of all pending decisions required from local elected entities 
  • August 10th – Approval of four Enhancement Acknowledgement Documents (standard form from SFD) for signature by the Board Chair and Superintendent: LEED Gold Standard (not certification), Playground, Underpass and Sewer
  • At 95% Design the TCSD Board of Trustees votes on staff recommendations for hiring two positions required by the SFD: § Owner’s Representative for Construction of Munger Mountain Elementary School § Commissioning Agent for Munger Mountain Elementary School *Pending Construction Funding from the upcoming legislative session
  • March 7th, 2017 – Break Ground
  • July 2018 – Substantial Completion
  • Fall 2018 – Munger Mountain Elementary School Opens

Highlights of Past Actions

  • September 14th 4pm Board of Trustees Workshop/Project Update.  Click here to review the summary.
  • July 28th- 35% design submittal due
  • July 18th at 3 PM – Jackson Town Council meeting to consider the sewer connection and use agreement
  • July 18- Jackson Town Council unanimously approved a sewer connection
  • July 12th – Design review with Energy Conservation Works to draft grant requests to meet LEED Gold standard (not certification)
  • July 6th – School Facilities Commission
  • July 5th – Third public meeting on the proposed sewer line and connection. Town Council voted to continue the discussion to July 18th.
  • June 21st – SFD directed the Design Team and CMAR to proceed to 35%
  • June 8th – Board Approval of the school name: “Munger Mountain Elementary School” following public input
  • April 18th – Conducted public workshop with the Jackson Town Council for the sewer connection application
  • March 8th – Public design kick-off meeting o March 10th – Joint Information Meeting with Town Council and County Commissioners on proposed sewer line
  • February 18th – School Facilities Commission approved TCSD MCER Option A
  • February 12th – First design coordination meeting
  • January 27th – Workshop on Enrollment Areas and Timing of District Reconfiguration; and approved GE Johnson as CMAR
  • January 20th – Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Interviews
  • January 13th – Board Meeting Approvals: MCER Option A; Dubbe-Moulder to design a seven grade, 4 section school; stay with K-5 grade configuration; and, maintain community schools while expanding the dual immersion program
  • January 11th – Workshop: Grade Level Configuration and Dual Immersion Program design
  • January 6th, 2016– Architect interviews and selection 


  • December 29th – Closed on 20 acres in Hog Island with funds dispersed
  • December 2nd – Workshop: MCER capital construction and district reconfiguration options
  • November 2nd – Special Meeting: MCER in progress review
  • October 8th, 2015– Special Meeting: Most Cost Effective Remedy (MCER) in progress review