Program Results as of 2014-2015 School Years

The following charts show the academic achievement (math and reading) of students in the dual immersion program on English standardized tests. This is our oldest cohort of students and their scores are shown from when they begin the program as 1st graders until the end of last year. The two charts show their achievement on the MAP test, which has been given to all TCSD students in K-8th grade for the last 8 years.

In each of the graphs, the native Spanish-speaking students in dual immersion are represented by the light blue line and the native English-speaking students by the red line. The native Spanish-speaking scores are compared with the national benchmarks for those students in a dual immersion program. That is represented by the dark blue line. The national norms for native English-speaking students would be the 50th %tile.

As you can see from both graphs, our native English-speaking students far exceed the national standards and our native Spanish-speaking students follow the benchmarks very closely over time.

MAP Math Current 7th Grade Cohort

MAP Reading Current 7th Grade Cohort

The following graph shows the percentage of EL (English Learner) students who have exited from the EL program.  This means that they have acquired enough English land that they passed the state English test and are now no longer classified as EL students.  All of these students started with the school district as Kindergarteners.

One of the most common misperception of an immersion program is that EL students will not learn as much English as their peers in regular classrooms.  However, research (and our data below) clearly show that this is not the case and that EL students in dual immersion programs acquire as much or more English than their peers not in the program.

Exit Rates from EL Program

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