Instructional Framework

TCSD #1 Philosophy of Instruction

The role of educators is to design, facilitate and evaluate learning using assessment data to inform instruction and ensure individual student growth.

Teaching strategies reflect research-based, best practice embedded within the four domains of:

 Planning and preparation

 Classroom environment

 Instruction

 Professional responsibilities

Best instructional practice includes continuous teacher reflection in the form of peer-to-peer collaboration, self-evaluation, action research and the ongoing review of current educational research. Collaborative, cooperative work among teachers and administrators fosters instructional, intellectual and professional growth.

TCSD #1 Philosophy of Evaluation

Evaluation supports professional development and teaching excellence. It is an ongoing process important to beginning teachers and equally important for experienced teachers. To promote excellence in teaching, TCSD commits to effective evaluation and professional growth with the necessary resources, time, and development activities to achieve individual, building and district instructional goals. Administrators monitor, support and provide consistent feedback throughout the evaluation process.

Evidence of teaching excellence is continuously produced and maintained by teachers. Components of teaching evidence could include student achievement data, peer observations, action research and application of professional development seminars.

Danielson’s Framework for Teaching

The District’s Philosophy of Evaluation and Instructional Excellence is based on the professional teaching standards of the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board and the work of Charlotte Danielson, Enhancing Professional Practice – A Framework for Teaching. The underlying premise is that supervision, evaluation, mentoring, and professional development in the areas of planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibility are essential in promoting improved student learning.


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