Smith's Rewards

August 1, 2015

Dear Parents,

A great way to earn money for Jackson Elementary School is to link your Smith’s rewards card to Smith’s Community Rewards program. Smith’s has already contributed over $16 million to schools and this year, they will be making another substantial donation to JES.

To enroll: 1. Visit

2. Sign in to your Online Account, or create an account

3. Find and select your organization and click “save.” JES is organization # 84203.

Our share of Smith’s donation will be based on the percentage of purchases made by individuals linked to our school compared with purchases made by all participants. The more purchases made by participants linked to JES, the more we will earn. The purchases you make towards this program will in no way affect any other points you may be earning i.e. fuel, or other programs. Currently, less than a third of JES families are participating in this program, which generates thousands of dollars that we use to fund our Positive Behavior Supports program, purchase playground equipment and classroom supplies for JES students. Every dollar that we receive from this program goes directly towards our kids.

We hope that you will take a few minutes to enroll in this generous program! Thank you, as always, for all of your support.


Scott Eastman, Principal
Sandra Dudzik, Assistant Principal
Jackson Elementary School