Wilson School Second Grade Supply List

Welcome to the 2nd Grade!

You will need:


1 - 1” Binder

Colored pencils – 12 color set

Scissors – small, pointed


2 Pink Pearl or Magic Rub erasers

2 double pocket folders (One should be plastic for homework)

2 Composition Books (no spiral notebooks please)

1 yellow highlighter

An old sock for an eraser

1 Pencil Box - no taller than 3 ½ inches

Pair of ear buds or headphones in a plastic bag labeled with your child’s name

Please bring the following to share with the class:

2 dozen pencils – sharpened please

3 dry erase markers

3 pads of 3” x 3” Sticky Notes

2 boxes of Kleenex

1 container of Disinfecting Wipes

You will also need a backpack, and a healthy snack. Be sure to label all items throughout the year. (Coats, boots, snow pants, etc.)

From Mrs. Hunt​: All students are required to wear gym shoes during Physical Education. Please purchase a tennis shoe that has non-marking soles, some arch support and the shoelaces tie snug to the foot. 6/9/2016