Mixed media project using paper scraps, glue, marker, colored pencil, and/or oil pastel.  Students discussed theme (in this case:  music), color, and shape to create a cohesive piece of art.  We also looked at the parts of a bird and experimented with different ways of putting them together.

First we read the book Snowmen at Night by Caralyn and Mark Buehner, then we practiced using value to create the illusion of form.  Students did studies of various shapes with a light source to create shadow.  We talked about the angle of light, highlight vs. shading, and shadow.  Students learned how to blend chalk pastels.

For our unit on Aboriginal Art, students studied Aboriginal culture, including Dreamtime.  We talked about how to tell a story with pictures and the use of symbols.  Students plotted out their stories and then made their own paint using egg yolk, ochre pigment, and saliva (or water).

Students observed and discussed various types of abstract art and how color and line are used for emotional expression. We then talked about what they would like to "shout out" to the world and placed those words and photo portrait on top of an abstract painting.

After studying French artist Didier Triglia's use of line and color to create an expressive artwork, students crushed cans and examined them for "personality". Students then created their own Soda Can Head using acrylic paint and permanent maker on cans and chip board.

 We watched the famous marionette scene from the Sound of Music and studied our classroom skeleton to see how the body articulates.  Students were introduced to the concept of using exaggerated features to create caricature.  We also tried different methods of manipulating the puppet to make life like movements.  Materials used: Cloud Clay, wire, yarn, skewers.