Salary Information

The Teton County School District #1 salary schedule for the 2015-2016 school year is based upon the evidence based model funding provided by the Wyoming Legislature. This finance structure was originally adopted in 2006 after a comprehensive recalibration of K-12 public education funding. The Wyoming model provides for both equitable and adequate distribution of resources for the purpose of raising student achievement. “An Evidence-Based Approach to Recalibrating Wyoming’s Block Grant School Funding Formula” can be found at

Salary calculations are determined by a comparison of statewide averages and adjusted by years of experience and level of education. A regional cost adjustment (RCOL) is then applied to all personnel categories. This was a result of the litigation that TCSD #1 was involved in from 2003 - 2006. The RCOL adjustment provides for a significant increase to salary amounts compared to statewide averages due to the cost of living in Teton County. The regional cost adjustment remained the same from FY14.

For the next two years, the Wyoming Legislature awarded an external cost adjustment (ECA) to adjust for inflation. Approximately 1% will be added to the base of all salary schedules for FY15. TCSD #1 will need to continue to be very vigilant of both the ECA and RCOL during the upcoming school year. The Wyoming Legislature will begin the recalibration of K-12 funding as required every five years.

The net result of Teton County School District No.1 Employee Compensation Package for fiscal year 2015-2016 is a model based salary schedule with a top ranking in the state. TCSD #1 continues to maintain a highly competitive salary schedule in comparison to other employers in Teton County. Furthermore, TCSD #1 is able to maintain an excellent health benefits package supporting the recruitment and retention of all staff.

Click on the link, 2016-2017 Employee Compensation Package, for more information.