New!  JHMS Skate Club

This is a skate club for all middle school students who are

interested in skate boarding and in-line skating.


Skate times will be every Tuesday and Thursday after school. On Tuesday and Thursday we meet in the small gym. We will skate outside the school for about 30 minutes before we go over to the skate park. Skate club supervision will end at 5 pm. However, since it is a public skate park, skaters can stay later. The skate park is located behind the football stadium, in between the two softball fields. 



1.  Helmets are required to skate, with your choice of a skateboard or in-line skates.  Knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards are recommended.  (Skate Club has some extra pads that can be loaned out during the skate session)


2. Fill out the information sheet and pay $10.00 (if you also want a T-shirt the total price is $15.00)


* If you are a bus rider, you will need to have your skate board and gear in a skate club bag. The bus drivers are not supposed to let you on the bus if you do not have a skate club bag. See Mr. Hansen for a skate club bag.


Scheduled Skate Dates

April   22 Tues. 24 Thurs.  


  29 Tues. 30 Wed.


  May   6 Tues. 8 Thurs.


  13 Tues. 15 Thurs. 17 Saturday Sk8 trip


20 Tues. 22 Thurs.  

See Mr. Hansen for any questions: 733-4234

SKATE CLUB description

click to see a flyer of the new JHMS Skate Club