Planes de la Clase y Vocabulario

Below you will find the potential vocabulary and lesson plans for the upcoming year. However, I may make some changes as I go along. I promise to try to update this each week! Also, I have found songs for many of these vocab words, so check out the "Practice at Home!" section to find songs your kids will be able to sing along to from your home!

Semana 1: (9/19-9/22 No School FridayWelcome and Procedures

Semana 2: (9/26-9/30Unit 1.1 Greetings

  1. Hola  (hello)
  2. Buenos Días (Good Morning)  
    3. Buenas Tardes  (Good Afternoon/Evening)
    4.Buenas Noches (Good Night)    
   5. Adiós   Goodbye

Practice by singing along to this song: Buenos Días

Semana 3: (10/3-10/7)  Finish and practice with vocabulary from Unit 1.1  

Semana 4: (10/10-10/14 No School Friday) Unit 1.2 
  1. ¿Cómo estás? (how are you)
  2.  Bien (good)
  3. Muy bien (very good) 
  4.  Mal (bad)
  5. Muy mal (very bad) 
  6. Más o menos (so-so)

Semana 5: (10/17-10/21)  Review and assess Units 1.1 and 1.2

Semana 6: (10/24-10/28) End of Trimester 1 No School Friday Introduction to Greeting another person plus learning to name other people by responding to questions ¿Cómo se llama?

Él se llama Mickey. His name is Mickey Mouse.

Ella se llama Minny Mouse. Her name is Minny Mouse.

Semana 7: (10/31-11/4)  Unit 1.3  Learn to introduce yourself

¿Cómo te llamas? What's your name?  

Me llamo _____ My name is _____. 

Practice by singing along to this song: ¿Cómo te llamas?

Semana 8: (11/7-11/11)

During this Unit students will learn vocabulary and phrases to talk about themselves: Including how old they are, what colors they like, where they live, and who their friends, parents and teachers are. 

Today we started with learning the numbers 0-10

 0=cero, 1=uno, 2=dos, 3=tres, 4=cuatro, 5=cinco, 6=seis, 7=siete, 8=ocho, 9=nueve, 10=diez 

Practice by singing along to these songs: Maraca Mouse, Toobys, and Cuenten Conmigo

Semana 9: (11/14-11/18)  plus (11/21-11/22 Thanksgiving week) 

Review greetings and numbers and learn how to say how old they are.

¿Cuántos años tienes?  How old are you?  

Tengo   5  años. I am  5  years old. (Technically "I have 5 years.")

Semana 10: (11/28-12/2) Practice greetings and stating age plus intro to colors.






Semana 11: (12/5-12/9)  Performance Assessment. Students will demonstrate that they know how to greet someone using the questions: ¿Cómo te llamas? and ¿Cómo estás? along with the vocabulary hola and adiós. They should also be able to respond to question ¿Cuántos años tienes?

Learn how to use sentence frame to state which colors they like.

Me gusta el rojo. I like   red .

Practice by singing along to this song: colores, colores

Semana 12: (12/12-12/16)  Students will learn how to identify their friends using gender appropriate wording.  Charlie  es mi amigo.  Charlie  is my friend. (male)

 Ava  es mi amiga.  Ava  is my friend. (female)

as well as being able to identify other important people in their life, including parents and teachers.

Semana 13: (12/19-12/23) Review of Unit 2 material including age, colors, and intro of friends, family and teachers. plus (1/4-1/6 short week) 

Semana 14: (1/9-1/13)  Students will learn how to say where they live. Practice using this video by Basho. Ex: Vivo en  Jackson . I live in  Jackson .

Semana 15: (1/16-1/20) Students will make their "All About Me" poster. 

Semana 16: (1/23-1/26) No School Friday Students will finish their posters and present them to the class.

Semana 17: (1/30-2/3)  Intro to Unit 3 : El Cuerpo

Check out the song in the "Practice at Home!" section called "Ojos, orejas, boca y nariz"

 las orejas  ears 

 los ojos  eyes 

 la boca  mouth 

la nariz  nose
Practice by singing along to this song: Ojos, orejas, boca y nariz

Semana 18: (2/6-2/10) End of Trimester Review 3.1 + More parts of the body

 la cabeza  head 

los brazos  arms 

 las piernas  legs

 los pies  feet 
Practice by singing along to this song: Cabeza, Hombro, Rodilla y Pie (substituting Hombros with brazos and rodillas with piernas)

Semana 19: (2/13-2/16) No School Friday Review and Practice Body Parts

Semana 20: (2/21-2/24) No School Monday. This week each student will use all the words we have learned about different body parts to create, label and describe their own monster or alien.  (start)

Semana 21: (2/27-3/2) No School FridayThis week each student will use all the words we have learned about different body parts to create, label and describe their own monster or alien.  (finish)

Semana 22: (3/6-3/10) Catch-up week

Semana 23: (3/13-3/17)  Present your monster to the class using the word tiene (he/she it has) ie: Mi monstruo tiene 5 ojos. My monster has 5 eyes. and then describe your own body using the word tengo (I have)

Semana 24: (3/20-3/24) Clicker Assessment of Body Vocabulary 

Happy Spring Break!

Semana 25: (4/10-4/14) Intro to Unit 4 ¿Cómo es? (What is it like?)

1. el pez fish 

2. el gato cat 

3. el perro   the dog 

4. grande big  

5. pequeño small   

Practice by singing along to this song: Grande, Pequeño

Semana 26: (4/17-4/21)Review 4.1and use vocab in sentence frames.  

El ____ es ____. ej: El gato es grande.   The ____ is _____. Ex: The cat is big.

use tiene  has to describe their bodies. ie: El gato tiene 2 ojos.  The cat has two eyes.

Semana 27: (4/24-4/28)1. come  eats   (coh-meh) 3rd person singular Ex: El gato come. 

2. gordo  fat   

3.  flaco  skinny  

Semana 28: (5/1-5/5) Review unit 4 vocab and start book projects

Semana 29: (5/8-5/12)  Review and work on books books.

Semana 30: (5/15-5/19)   Finish books and practice reading them.

Semana 31: (5/22-5/26) Read our books and Assess Unit 4 

Semana 32: (5/30-6/2) No School Monday. Intro to Unit 5 School Supplies (Los Útiles Escolares)

el lápiz 

los crayones 

las tijeras 

el papel 

Semana 33: (6/5-6/9) Continue learning about los útiles escolares and how to ask for them politely

el marcador 

la pizarra

el borrador   

Necesito  I need

por favor   please  gracias thank you de nada  you're welcome

Semana 33: (6/12-6/16) No Spanish this week

Happy Summer!!!