All About Me

My name is Linda Edington.   I have been the Kindergarten, First and Second Grade Music Teacher at Jackson Elementary School for the past ten years. Prior to this position I taught for 25 + years in both a full and a ½ day kindergarten as well as in kindergarten art and music at Jackson Elementary and the Kinder Campus.

I married Gary, my High School Sweetheart, and moved to Jackson in 1980 with our three young children (Demerie, Emily and Garret).   We are now fortunate enough to have them all living back in Jackson.   Five of our six grandchildren are enrolled in the School District #1 with the youngest in first grade.   We feel truly blessed to all be here together enjoying life in Jackson.

But let me back up a bit… I graduated from the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota in 1972; having received a double major in Music and Elementary Education plus a Specialist Degree in Early Childhood-Kindergarten Education.   In the year 2000 I received my Masters in Education Administration / Principal Preparation Program.

I started my teaching career in a Family Oriented Preschool Program.   This program stimulated my passion for parent participation and involvement in the education process.   After three years I graduated from teaching Preschool to teaching Kindergarten.   For 33 of the most exciting years of my life, I taught Kindergarten and worked toward National Board Certification.   It was interrupted in 2007 when the Music Program was in danger of being dropped at Jackson Elementary, due to the last minute loss of the music teacher. I agreed to step into the position, and have been there ever since, and LOVE it!!!