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Teacher Evaluations

A comprehensive review of the of the TCSD #1 Teacher Evaluation System was initiated in the Fall of 2008 due to a body of  new research in the field of effective instructional practices.  Simultaneously, the Wyoming Department of Education proposed an update to the Chapter 29 Rules and Regulations on Certified Personnel Evaluation Systems due to new federal requirements embedded in revisions to the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

A set of beliefs were articulated by the Leadership Team before the district embarked on the evaluation system improvements:

  • Every student should always be progressing to his/her potential
  • Professional growth is the mainstay of teaching excellence
  • A high level of competence is assumed among tenured teachers
  • An open, trusting environment produces instructional growth, and positive intellectual and teaching risk taking
  • Collaborative, cooperative work among teachers and administrators fosters teaching innovation and efficiency

An intensive, collaborative process was undertaken in the Fall of 2009 by the Teacher Evaluation Steering Committee. Thank you to all committee members for their hard work and dedication to the students and staff of TCSD #1.

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