The handwriting program we use is called Handwriting Without Tears.  It is a developmentally appropriate approach to teaching handwriting, and the children really enjoy it.  We do movement songs, use wood pieces, and write on chalk boards, before practicing our letters with paper and pencil.
Where do we start our letters?  At the top! 
This is the most important fact we'll learn at handwriting time.  See if your child can teach you the song!  Please watch when your child writes.  If you see your child start a letter from the bottom, please encourage him/her to try it again starting from the top.  This can be a difficult habit to break, so it is important to be proactive from the start.

Some Important Handwriting Skills:
  • Pencil and Crayon Grip: Point the tip of your pencil away from you, pinch the pencil with your thumb and pointer finger where the paint meets the wood, hold the eraser with your opposite hand and twirl the pencil around.  "Pinch, lift, flip!"  Check that your child's middle finger, or "middle man," is tucked under the pencil and that the pointer finger is pointing towards the tip.  
  • Good Posture:  Legs facing forward, sitting up tall.
  • Paper Position:  Right-handed students should have their paper slanted to the left and left-handed students should have their paper slanted to the right.
  • And remember...we start our letters at the top!
Letter Formation:
We teach capital letters first, and then move on to lowercase letters.  The formation of these letters is taught in a systematic order using specific wording.

Capital Letters:

Here is the order in which we are learning the capital letters.

F   E   D   P   B   R   N   M   H   K   L - Start at the top left, then big line down.

U   V   W   X   Y   Z - These also start at the top left corner.

C   O   Q   G   S   A   I   T   J - All of these letters start on a dot in the middle.

For more information, check out www.hwtears.com.