Mrs. Gingery's Class

Jackson Elementary School
School Arrival and Dismissal

Kindergarten children line up outside the kindergarten playground doors to enter the building.  No students are allowed within the classroom before the bell rings to ensure the safety of your child and to respect teacher preparation time.  All students must be in classrooms by 8:30 am. Children who arrive after 8:35 will be marked tardy.  Children will be dismissed at 3:05 pm from the classroom.  Your child will only be released to the people you designate on the dismissal sheet or emergency card. Please call or send a note if a different person is picking your child up from school or if there is a change of the usual transportation plan.





Home/School Communication

Homework Folders:  Homework folders will be sent home in a designated folder on Mondays

Notes or phone calls: Notes or calls are required for the following reasons:

Absences/illness -please contact the office to ensure that there is no confusion in excusing your child's absence

Early dismissal

 Different person picking student up from school                  or change of the usual transportation plan-please be sure  that any individual picking up your child has   been authorized to do so on their official paperwork.

Conferences:  All parents are expected to attend these meetings. The dates for the conferences will be announced in upcoming newsletters.  These conferences are planned to discuss your child's progress and offer you ideas on how to help your child succeed.  You are always welcomed to schedule additional conferences by sending a note with your child or calling me.

Newsletters: A brief kindergarten newsletter will be sent home at the beginning of each week. It will contain information about school and important reminders.