Dear Fifth Grade AMAZING RACE participants,

  Congratulations on making it to this point in “the race” in your education!  By being here today, you have successfully traveled through the first five years at Wilson Elementary.  You have climbed tall mountains of learning, found your way through kids-bigger-than-you detours, overcome and persisted through many challenging homework roadblocks along the way.  And now you are HERE at 5th grade!!  You are one step away from completing this portion of the race and making the finish goal of . . . Middle School.

  We are here to provide the instructions necessary to get you to your goal!  Your student planner will be your passport to help you successfully journey from one task to the next.  You will yield for great works of LITERATURE and reflective journal WRITING.  You will overcome roadblocks by learning to distinguish LANDFORMS and read the contour maps that will get you to your next destination.  The EXPLORERS and FOUNDERS of our COUNTRY who came before you and helped map our world and country will inspire you.  Your quick calculations and mastery of elementary MATH will provide you the tools for daily roadblocks of life.  Our study of AMERICAN GOVERNMENT will aid you in learning the checks and balances of our country and your role in being a GOOD CITIZEN.  We will also explore ENVIRONMENTS and VARIABLES that create the detours of life that keep it exciting and new.  

  Above all, it is your task this year to be a RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE and SAFE LEADER of the Wilson Elementary School.  Use your MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES to run, sing, study nature, read, write, create art, practice math with your peers and alone to get you to the top.  Journey well and your reward will be happy memories of WES and being prepared for the next race, Middle School.


Mrs. Kitto