5th Grade Homework Procedures ~ Expectations

* Our 5th grade homework procedures and expectations are set and you are consistently held accountable in order to help you prepare for middle school. 

*Student Planners ~ Your student planner is your key to a successful journey.  It must travel with you to and from school each day.  You will have time at the end of each day to fill out your student planner. You will copy exactly what is written on the white board and then make sure that you have each folder or book that you need to take home in a stack on your desk before going to the end of the day class meeting. 

*  Homework ~
Reading ~ You will be expected to read 20-30 minutes a night 7 days a week in correlation with your independent reading contract.
Other ~ You will have 20-30 minutes of other homework 4 nights a week Mon. – Thurs.  This other homework may include math, word study, writing, social studies, science or special projects.

*  Expectation ~ You will be prepared for each academic subject each day with the appropriate folders, books, and/ or homework

*  Missing Assignments ~ When you are preparing for the day, you will check to make sure that you have brought back all of your homework assignments, folders, books.  If you find that you are missing one of these, don’t panic.  Everyone forgets things once in a while and this is why we are practicing this procedure.  Write your name on the board with what you are missing and stay in at lunch recess to make up the assignment.  Relax and be responsible rather than shifting responsibility or making up excuses.

*  5 + Missing Assignments ~ If you miss 5 assignments in a grading period (including not being prepared with books or folders), you will stay a half an hour after school in study hall.  You will call your parents and arrange to stay after school the day of the 5th missing assignment and confer with Mrs. Kitto on how to make improvements. Mrs. Kitto will check your student planner and your stack of books and folders each day for the rest of the grading period to help you develop better organizational skills. 

* Independent Reading Contracts ~ If you forget your book it counts as a missing assignment because you will not be able to read during your 30 minute independent reading block at school which will put you behind on your contract.  If you get behind on your contract, it is not considered a missing assignment.  You have until your deadline date to catch up.  You are allowed to renegotiate your contract once with each book if needed.  You have 3 days to decide if you don’t care enough for the book then you may break your contract and select a new book.  If you are still behind on your deadline date and you have already renegotiated once for this book, you will need to stay in at recess until the book is finished.

* Absences ~

You are responsible for making up your work if you are absent.  If you are sick, you may want to have a parent pick up your work that day so that you do not get far behind.  Parents can email and request the work first thing in the morning.  If you are not well enough to work on school assignments, I will help you set up and prioritize a plan to make-up the work when you return. If you know you will be gone, please pre-arrange to get your assignments before you go and I will send what I can.