Words Their Way Spelling

Words Their Way is a researched way to study words with students by looking closely at word patterns and rules.  Each week students will have a list of spelling words.  In class on Monday we will sort the spelling words in their notebooks according to the key words.  We will also practice the Spelling Words a few other ways throughout the week for the final test on Friday.  Many students will need to practice the spelling words at home every night in order to pass the test.  Parents are encouraged to try different study methods with their child in order to find what works best for their student.
Spelling Word Practice

Written Quiz- Say the word to your child and use it in a sentence then have them write the word.
Oral Quiz- Say the word to your child and use it in a sentence then have them orally spell the word.
Writing Each Spelling Word 3-5 Times Each- This could be a great way for students to practice their cursive handwriting.
Use and Write the Spelling Word In A Sentence- Remember that 3rd grade students always start sentences with capital letters and end with punctuation.
No Peeking Sort- Key words are laid down as headers.  Call out a spelling word and the student will point out which category the word would go in.  This activity requires students to think about words by sound and pattern.
SpellingCity.Com- Enter your child's spelling words and there are a variety of games, teaching, and testing options.