About Mrs. Turner

My name is Amanda Jane Turner and this is my 10th year teaching second grade and my 12th year working for the school district.  I have worked in the classroom with every grade from preschool through 5th grade and I'm here to tell you - 2nd grade is the best!  In July 2009 I got married, so some of you may know me by my maiden name, Ms. Robson.  I grew up outside of New York City and moved to Jackson in May of 2000.  I was only coming here for a 6 month "visit", but I loved it so much I had to stay.  My undergraduate degree is in psychology and I have a Masters in Elementary Education and my ESL Endorsement through the University of Wyoming.

I live north of Jackson in the town of Moose with my husband, Robert and my daughters, Claire and Lillian.  Robert runs the Triangle X Guest Ranch.  Unlike me, he has lived in Jackson all his life - his family founded the ranch in 1926!  

Our daughter Claire was born January 23, 2011.  We call her "The Blond Whirlwind."  She loves animals, books, princesses and pink (she's all girl).

Lillian Rose Turner is the newest additon to our family.  She was born on June 21st, 2014.  She has quite the personality and loves babbling, dancing, and horses.

In addition to the human part of our family we have 2 dogs named Izzy and Harley, a cat - who thinks he's a dog - named Ike, and 2 horses, Roxy and Lila. You'll hear a lot about them this year, they are always getting into trouble.





                              In my spare time I love to spend time with my friends and family,                                     hike with my dogs, horsebackride, travel, and read.