Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment classes are part of a nationwide movement to strengthen the transition from high school to college. Through concurrent enrollment, students earn both JHHS and Central Wyoming College (CWC) credit for select classes taught here at the high school by high school teachers. These are credits that can ultimately be used toward a degree at CWC or transferred to many public and private colleges around the country.

What you should know about concurrent enrollment:

  • These CWC credits are offered at no cost to the student.  
  • High school faculty approved for concurrent enrollment have submitted a professional application to the college, have had their credentials reviewed, and are authorized by Central Wyoming College.  
  • These courses create an official CWC transcript. Students are enrolled in a section of a course and a letter grade is submitted to the college. Know that receiving less than a “C” in one or more concurrent classes will impact the student’s cumulative college grade point average (GPA) and may affect his/her federal financial aid eligibility when he/she continues college after high school.  
  • For the 2015-16 school year, we are offering concurrent credit to JHHS sophomores. This is a new decision based on our increasing supports for the transition between high school and 2 or 4-year colleges for all JHHS students. While this is a great opportunity, we do want to underscore the potential consequences (especially the impact on federal financial aid) for students beginning a college GPA that is less than a “C” or 2.0.
  • Unfortunately, CWC is unable to award credits retroactively.


Important dates for 2015-16:

Students experiencing difficulty maintaining a desirable course average may withdraw from the course in accordance with the dates below to avoid receiving an unsatisfactory grade on their official and permanent college transcript:

  • Last date to add – October 15, 2015
  • Last date to submit COMPASS scores (students registering for a math class must have ACT or COMPASS scores that meet CWC’s requirement. COMPASS tests may be scheduled through CWC Jackson at the Center for the Arts by calling 733-7425) - October 23, 2015
  • Last day to withdraw (recommended for students receiving less than a “C” in the class) – January 6, 2016 (for math and English courses); May 25, 2016 (for all other courses)

Concurrent enrollment courses are available in the following areas:

  • Language Arts (College English)
  • Science (AP Biology)
  • Math (Precalculus/Trigonometry; AP Calculus AB)
  • Social Studies (AP US Government; AP US History)
  • Spanish (Spanish III, IV, and AP Spanish)
  • Fine & Performing Arts (AP Studio Art, Drama IV)
  • Career and Technical Education (College Powersports, Welding II, ProStart 1 & 2)


Please contact Emily Hoffer, College & Career Education Coordinator, at 732-3710 or the local office of CWC (733-7425) for more information.