JHMS is continually striving to be better, and one of the tools we have to help us in this quest is by using test data to monitor student growth as well as our instruction and curriculum. Here's a rundown of the tests we give beyond the regular and important classroom assessments:

MAP, Measure of Academic Progress : All students. PURPOSE: This nationally normed test measures growth in student achievement in reading and math.  Students receive a "RIT" score which is an instructional level that helps teachers identify skills and concepts students need for growth.  Students will set goals based on this score, and parents receive a report each spring that shows the fall and the spring score.  This test is dynamic in that the more questions a student answers correctly the harder the questions become, so there is no limit as to how high a student can score.  ADMINISTERED:  Sept. & May

PAWS:   All students.  PURPOSE: Most of you are familiar with PAWS.  This assessment is used to show if students are proficient in math, writing, reading state standards.  Eighth graders are also assessed in science.  ADMINISTERED: During the three weeks before spring break.