Student Teacher

Teton County School District #1 accepts requests for student teacher placement for both fall and spring semesters.  All requests to student teach should originate at the district office at least six weeks in advance of a placement request.  Applicants should not contact teachers or principals directly.  Student teacher requests will be based on the overall needs of the district and are not assured. We will make every effort to honor your student teacher request, but do not make any guarantees for teaching placements. We will review requests on a first-come basis upon completion of all required paperwork.  If you are requesting practicum or observation hours, please use the observation practicum request form.


Click here for Student Teacher Placement Request form.

Click here for Student Teacher Observation Practicum Request form.


Please complete request form(s) and return to the following address:

 Judy Westgard


  PO Box 568

  Jackson, WY 83001

  307-733-2704, ext. 9504


Your request to student teach will be determined within a few weeks and you will be notified via the email address you provide.  If your request to student teach is approved, you will need to complete the following items at our district office prior to your first day in the classroom.


Required Training:

  Bloodborne Pathogens

  Technology Fair Use policy

  Sexual Harassment

  Bully Prevention and Action

  Individual building handbook


Teton County Student Teacher badge will be issued after the placement has been confirmed and is to be worn at all times while on the assigned campus.