Interactive Websites for Colter Kids

Arcademic Skill Builders: Multimedia games for math, language arts and geography.
Comic Creator: Create your own comics with this tool.
Edit Dan's Copy: Use Scholastic game to practice your editing skills.
Harcourt School Publishers Grammar Practice Park: Interactive grammar games.
Power Proofreading: This Houghton Mifflin helps you practice your editing skills.
Rags to Riches: Review subject and predicate with this Quia game.
Review Game Zone: Review games for grammar practice.
Sentence Speedway: Identify clauses and phrases with this game.
Sentence Types: Play this Quia game to identify different types of sentences.
Story Starter: Spin through genres, characters, plots and settings to start your stories.
Tessellation Town: A great math activity!
Tour the Mayflower: Learn more about this famous ship from Scholastic's interactive site.
United States Games: Challenge your knowledge of the U.S.A. with these games.
Verb Power: Make the carnival lights glow brighter by identifying verbs!
Visual Thesaurus: Type in any word to create a web of alternative words to use.

Ben Franklin Day Links
BrainPOP Ben Franklin: Log in with our username/password and watch the video.
Interview Ben Franklin: Travel back in time to ask questions of Mr. Franklin.
Ben's Inventions: Visit this website to find out more about Mr. Franklin's inventions.
Glass Armonica: Scroll down to the video "Glass Armonica" and watch it.