Directory of Staff and Faculty at Jackson Hole Middle School.

Please be patient as we get our new online Learning Management System ready this fall. Each teacher will have a homepage with pertinent contact information, bios, and course expectations. Links to teacher courses and homepages will be added as they become available.  Active homepages and courses will show up in blue hyperlinks in the right hand column below. 

 Hoelscher, MattVice Principal 733-4234 X3002 Hoelscher homepage
 Miller, BoPrincipal 733-4234 X3001 Miller homepage
Front Office Staff  
Magana, IselaTranslator 733-4234 X3005  
Moyer, StacieBookkeeper733-4234 X3004 
Sawczuk, JoyceHead Secretary 733-4234 X3000  
Stetson, ElainaNurse733-4234 X3003  
Counseling, Student Center Office 
Auman, MariCounselor733-4234 X3008Mari Auman homepage
Paciulli, ShellyRegistrar733-4234 X3007Shelly Paciulli homepage
Stiegler, EliseCounselor733-4234 X3009Elise Stiegler homepage
Library Media Center 
McIntosh, PamLibrary paraprofessional 733-4234 X3151 McIntosh homepage
Swiggum, Karla Teacher Librarian733-4234 X3451 Swiggum homepage
Staff and Faculty (Alphabetical) 
Armijo, Jill7th grade Math 733-4234 X3113 Armijo homepage
Bain, EmilyOccupational Therapist 733-4234 X3249  
Baker, AmyWeb Creations733-4234  Aronowitz-Baker homepage
Bernabeu, Jose6th grade Social Studies 733-4234 X3127 Bernabeu homepage
Berry, Erika Resource Specialist733-4234 X3115  Berry homepage
Bingham, Alivia English as a Second Language (ESL) 733-4234 X3241Bingham hompage
Brassard, Elaine Resource Specialist 733-4234 X3115 Brassard homepage
Closson, RobinBand 733-4234 X3149 Closson homepage
Cresswell, Randall Intervention Specialist 733-4234 X3252  Homepage, Cresswell
Dooley, KristaHealth/Physical Education 733-4234 X3146 Dooley homepage
Droppert, Jordan8th grade Language Arts733-4234 X3107 Droppert homepage
Drui, Patti Speech & Language Therapy

733-4234 X3122

Dykeman, Paul Shop, Project Lead the Way733-4234 X3140  Dykeman homepage
Fetters, Seth6th grade Science 733-4234 X3130 Fetters homepage
Braman, ShaneResource Specialist, Life Skills733-4234X3136  
Gade, Jens Choir 733-4234 X3250 Gade homepage
Gnaedinger, Chris Spanish 733-4234 X3144 Gnaedinger homepage
Gregory, Jack 8th grade Language Arts733-4234 X3102 Gregory homepage
Gutwein, Vince Orchestra733-4234 X3150 

Gutwein homepage

STRINGS Website home

Hansen, Cody 

Physical Education, Skateboarding, Keyboarding

733-4234 X3148 

Hansen homepage

Harrington, Heather 6th grade Math 733-4234 X3132 Harrington homepage
Hart, Shannon Art733-4234 X3139  Hart homepage
Hoogestraat, John 8th grade Math733-4234 X3116 Hoogestraat homepage
Hudacsko, Lydia 7th grade Lanugage Arts733-4234 X3111 Hudacsko homepage
Huggins, Jason Health/Physical Education 733-4234 X3248Huggins homepage
Kaiser, Kelly 7th grade Language Arts 733-4234 X3121 Kaiser homepage
Klein, Sara Resource Specialist  733-4234 X3115 Klein homepage
Kowitz, Kasey 7th grade Social Studies 733-4234 X3117 Kowitz homepage
Liegel, Margaret Spanish 733-4234 X3135 Liegel homepage
Lovett, Jan Resource Specialist 733-4234 X3128  Homepage, Lovett
Manhart, Amy 8th grade Science733-4234 X3103 Manhart homepage
Marlar, Jennifer6th grade Language Arts & Social Studies 733-4234 X3125 Marlar homepage
Mertaugh, Ryan




 Mertaugh homepage

Miller, Michael7th grade Social Studies733-4234 X3120 Mike Miller homepage
Notzka, Renaye 6th grade Lanuage Arts & Social Studies 733-4234 X3124  Notzka homepage
Paciulli, Matt 6th grade Math733-4234 X3129  Matt Paciulli homepage
Parrott, Cathy Intervention Specialist 733-4234 X3205  Cathy Parrott homepage
Parrott, Jeff Dean of Students733-4234 X3119  
Poduska, Greg 8th grade Social Studies 733-4234 X3110 Poduska homepage
Reisbeck, Michelle 7th grade Science733-4234 X3114 Reisbeck homepage
Riley, Jackie Technology  733-4234 X3133  
Rooks, MichelleInstructional Coach733-4234 X3131  
Sanchez, Barb Challenge Program (formerly PEAK) 733-4234 X3105 Sanchez homepage
Steinberg, Katie 8th grade Science 733-4234 X3109 Steinberg homepage
Strand, Rose 7th & 8th grade Math733-4234 X3112 

 Strand homepage

Swentosky, A.J. School Psychologist 733-4234 X3104  
Tankersley, Andy 7th grade Science 733-4234 X3118  Tankersley homepage
Taylor, ToddAdvanced Woodworking/Shop/Project Lead the Way  
Tonoli, Annie 

Spanish 8th grade

Dual Language Arts, 6th Grade

733-4234 X3142

Tonoli homepage

Tuchsherer, Jess 6th grade Language Arts733-4234 X3126  Tuchsherer homepage
Vaughn, Kathy 7th & 8th grade Math733-4234 X3106 Vaughn homepage
VanVoorst, Morgane Resource Specialist, Life Skills 733-4234 X3108  VanVoorst homepage
Wells, David 8th grade Social Studies 733-4234 X3101 Wells homepage
Wharton, Charlie School Resource Officer (SRO)733-4234 X3152  
Wiley, Bill 6th grade Science 733-4234 X3123 Wiley homepage
Witz, Cheri Resource Specialist  733-4234 X3228 Witz homepage
Youngblood, Amanda English as a Second Language (ESL)733-4234 X3141 Youngblood homepage
Support Services  
Louise Deland Food Service 733-4234 X3010  
Tifany BatemanCustodial 733-4234 X3147