This page is full of useful division links:refreshers, tools, and games!  Check it out! 


  • Click here to see a quick movie review on PARTIAL QUOTIENTS
  • Click here to see a quick movie review on FRIENDLY NUMBER DIVISION
  • And, although I haven't officially taught you long division, I know some of you are working with that method as well.  Click here to see and hear a song about LONG DIVISION
  • Remember, if you're using LONG DIVISION, MATH MAN is your friend!


  • Dare To Share Fairly - a tool that lets you drag 100s, 10s, and 1s to divide a number equally
  • Thinking Blocks - allow you to model division (and multiplication)
  • Want to LEARN a type of long division?  This will really help! Click here


  • Want some good-ol'-fashioned division problems through at you?  Click here 
  • Need some division fact practice?  Drag race with kids in the classroom, all over the country, or possibly in other countries while you practice fact power!  Click here
  • PlayQuotient Cafe, where food is served up family style and divide up amongst the guests.  You get to set the level of challenge, go for it (This is PARTIAL QUOTIENTS!)