Youtube songs

Buenos Días, Buenas Tardes, Buenas Noches (good morning, afternoon, night)

Name, Feelings, Location

La Familia  (family)

La Familia by Rockalingua

Vamos a la Playa (Let's go to the beach!) I usually start this song at the 1:00 mark

Colores, Colores

¿De dónde eres tú?  (Where are you from)

Ojos, Orejas, Boca y Nariz (Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose)

Cabeza, Hombro, Rodilla y Pie Easy Version (Head, shoulders, knees and toes- although they say foot instead)

Cabeza, Hombro, Rodilla y Pie Faster Version

Hokey Pokey (good for practicing body parts and left/right)

Izquierda, Derecha (Left and Right)

Grande y Pequeño (Big and Little)

Manzanas y Bananas (Spanish version of Apples and Bananas with changing vowels)

El Alfabeto (stop at 1:40)

Las Vocales  (Spanish Vowels Song)

Los Números (Numbers 1-10)

Los Números (Numbers 1-20)

Los Números  (Zumbers game, Numbers 1-20)

Los Números  (Numbers 1-100)

Tengo Hambre  (I'm Hungry)

Cuenten Conmigo (Counting fingers and more)

Días de la Semana (Days of the Week)

Días de la Semana  (More Days of the Week)

Los Meses  (Months)

Las Estaciones (Seasons)

Rockalingua song for weather and clothes 

Me pongo la ropa (intro song) 

La ropa (clothes)

Los Colores 

Pet Sounds

Cuerpo del Burro y el Burro Enfermo (donkey)

Mi tío tiene una granja  (farm animals and their sounds)

Farm Animal playlist (pollito song starts at 17:20)


Las Formas (shapes)

Mi Perro Chocolo le Gusta Bailar (fun dancing song)

Tamales, Tamales

Bate, Bate Chocolate

Free Online Resources 

Mi Mundo en Palabras Centro Virtual Cervantes site for kids; fantastic beginning level activities, games and other fun materials

Spanishtown learn all sorts of new vocabulary!

Brain Pop Jr. (English/Spanish) Login: jespops Password: tcsd 

For Spanish, you can click on “BrainPOP Latinoamérica” at the bottom. This site has excellent videos and activities on tons of subjects. However, they are probably better for students with more advanced language.

Mango Language LearningUse your Teton County Library card number and PIN to log-in

Free language learning program through the Wyoming Library Association. This does require parent help for students that are not yet literate in English.

Book FlixUse your Teton County Library card number and PIN to log-in 

Free stories in English and Spanish

Mis Cositas

Great virtual picture books and video in Spanish and other languages. 

International Children’s Digital Library

You can search for digital books based on language and level.


Digital DialectsTons of different interactive language practice grouped into themes, like food, animals, numbers, colors, time, etc.

 BBC SchoolsThis site has many different languages to choose from. Select Spanish and get lots of interactive practice for the language from cartoon animals and people.

Quia:  Many games: hangman, battleship, etc. that can be searched by topic and language.

123 Teach MeSpanish games and activities: memory, unscramble words, alphabet, pre-K, numbers, etc.

Other Useful Links Activities for all vocabulary at various levels

Practice for parts of face (eyes, ears, mouth, nose...)

Vocabulary Pronunciation and Activities

Vocabulary Matching games

Spanish practice for kids

Interactive Spanish Alphabet (parents- Sorry this is a weird page, but scroll down for your child and click on the Spanish Alphabet link- make sure you speakers are on. They can click the arrows or letters on the keyboard to move around.)

Pronunciation of Numbers (click on the green "Start" button and make sure your speakers are on.)

Reading is Fundamental (literacy skills in spanish through games, songs and more)