9A few things about our classroom:

*We have a morning snack at 9:35 fresh fruit. If you want your child to have something else healthy please pack a snack for them. PLEASE no cookies or sugar snacks.

 *Lunch is at 11:40. If you do not want your child to eat school lunch or buy a drink please let me know because sometimes they like to follow their friends in the lunch line even though they brought theirs from home. 

 *At 2:00 we have an afternoon snack. I’m asking every family to bring in one LARGE or two smaller snacks to share for the class. For example: goldfish, pretzels, crackers, graham crackers, cheese-its. I will let you know when we run out and to send more.

 *Bee shirt day is on Friday. If your child wears their shirt they get a bee-ticket in the morning.

 *Students are not allowed into the building before 8:20 unless they are eating school breakfast. Your child will be marked late if they come to school after the 8:30 bell. Please be on time to school!!

 *Your child’s folder will come home once or twice a week with important information. Please take everything out and read it then return the folder the next day. Do not return papers unless they need to be signed.

 *If your child is changing the usual way they get home from school please email me (qbonnett@tcsd.org) before 12pm or call the front office.