“Made By Me”

By Bryan Ragsdale and the Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Graders at

Jackson Elementary School

For the National Capitol Christmas Tree Project 2010

Little sticks, love and glitter

Stuck together with sticky glue

A snowflake one she’ll remember

A masterpiece painted blue.

Little hands and a picture

Taken back when I was four

Just a smile ‘tween ten fingers

To my mom so much more.


Sittin’ in the front room

Branches in the light

A piece of family history

A history of my life.

One by one all hangin’

With each a memory

Homemade decorations

Made by me.

A gingerbread man dressed like a cowboy

Worn out hat, spurs and jeans

A milkbone turned into Rudolph

A big red nose and velvet reins

A piece of steel painted like Santa

A paper angel with her wings

A candy cane sewn with affection

An icicle made of beads.


From stars to little Santas

Reindeer to Christmas trees

Their hearts did some growin’

With each decoration

Made by me.


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