What is Wilson Walkers

and Joggers?

A program that encourages children K-5 to participate in a lifetime sport that is fun, easy to do and has many health benefits. Walking and/or jogging around our pathway improves fitness , promotes healthy habits, builds endurance, increases understanding of measured distances, learn to meet goals and is fun to do on your own or with friends.

Walkers and Joggers

All children can walk at all or some of the designated WWJ times.  Each child will have a colored goal card in the WWJ box.  A teacher or parent will be on the path with the WWJ box to help kids find their card and  punch a number for each lap.  Once a card is completed the students earn a small reward for that distance and start the next card.  The program will continue until the first snowy days and then again in the spring.  There is a “Pumpkin Run” each fall for added fun!!


Last week in October!

Join Wilson Walkers and Joggers last run/walk for the 2014 season. 

We will resume again in the spring.

Come for a lap or two or as many as you can in 50 minutes.  You will receive a pumpkin token for your first lap.  Go for a goal and finish a card!!  Costume wearers receive an extra token!  Bring a pumpkin for extra punches and treats will be available!!

Come join the Fun!!

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