After School Action

Mondays & Wednesdays


(Please Pick-up promptly)


All 1st – 5th graders Welcome!

No sign-up necessary, just come join the action!


3:05-3:15:  Students meet in the gym immediately following school. (Students should bring all going home items to the hallway outside the gym.)


Upon entering the gym students read the small board for the start-up activity.  Start-up activity changes Week To Week.  Older students help lead the start-up activity and help to mentor the younger students.


3:25: Break  Snack (If students bring one?) and Drink


3:30: Primary activity begins. This activity is a sport theme for the month and all games are related to that sport.  This usually corresponds with activities taught during PE.


3:57:  The game stops and students shake hands or high five other players.


4:00: Exit the doors just outside the gym to, the pick-up area, to meet parents or walk/ ride home.  Parents must be prompt for pick-up at 4:00.


September- Playground Games & Tag Games

October- Soccer Games

November- Teambuilding and Flag Games

December- Basketball

January- Rollerblading

February- Volleyball Games

March- Target Games

April-Jump rope


June- Choice Games

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